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HP - The Wolf

HP The Wolf

Share the film before it's too late - the threat is real!


Part 1: The Wolf

Print Device Security

What happens? A mobile device is used to access a printer and inject malware that serves as a “man-in-the-middle” to intercept and read data sent to the MFP.

Vulnerability: Printer WiFi or Bluetooth is on/open without requiring user authentication. Data files are not encrypted.

Solves: Use printers (such as HP Enterprise and selected Pro printers & MFPs) with built-in features that would stop the malware. Also, apply a mobile authentication and encryption solution such as HP JetAdvantage Connect or HP Access Control, to ensure only authorized mobile users can connect to the printers.

Part 2: Party Time

Data Security

What happens? A user inadvertently sends malicious code to the printer hidden within a seemingly innocent print file received in a "phishing" email.

Vulnerability: Printers don’t have the ability to detect an injection of malware code.

Solves: Use printers (such as HP Enterprise and selected Pro printers & MFPs) with built-in features that would stop the malware. Also, educate end users to be wary of opening and printing suspicious files.

Part 3: Let's Dance

PC Security

What happens? The malicious code is spread to the PC devices and resides at the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) level giving it the ability to continually supply data and even reinstate itself after network defenses deploy.

Vulnerability: PC’s don’t have BIOS level malware protection, thus the malware is able to reinstate itself.

Solves: HP Elite PC’s (and HP Enterprise printers) include HP SureStart which can automatically restore productivity after a BIOS attack without IT intervention.

Part 4: Making It Rain

Document Security

What happens? The wrong person discovers a very sensitive hardcopy document left behind in the output tray of a MFP.

Vulnerability: Accidental mishandling of sensitive information by users.

Solves: Deploy a pull print solution so users must authenticate at the device to retrieve their sensitive documents.

HP - The Fixer

Epizoda 1 - Prevara

Epizoda 2 - Ali Slišite?

Epizoda 3 - Povračilni Udarec


HP - The wolf 2

The hunt continues

If you're not taking your device security seriously,
someone else might be.

HP PageWide

Customer Testimonial -
Portland, Oregon USA

HP Business Printing Reinvented:
It's Our Operating System

A Revolution in Printing

HP Prenosnikov

HP Prenosnikov  Stran 1 - 19

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HP Tiskalnikov

HP Tiskalnikov  Stran 1 - 110

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pisarniški katalog 2015 2016  Stran 1 - 426

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